Masters in Ophthalmology 2018

Young Ophthalmology Seminar

Saturday, June 9
4:00 PM Welcome/Introductions
Darby Miller, MD and Courtney Bovee, MD
4:00─4:20 PM Academics vs. Private Practice
S. Akbar Hasan, MD
4:20─4:40 PM Introduction to Medical Malpractice
Bradley D. Fouraker, MD
4:40─5:00 PM Wealth Management
Christian Rasband and Dan Zagata, CLU, ChFC, CFP, AIF
5:00─5:20 PM Business in the Early Practice
Mark Michels, MD
5:20─5:40 PM Structuring your Clinic and Operating Room Schedule
Kara M. Cavuoto, MD
5:40─6:00 PM Advocacy 101: How to Get Involved (or Why You Should Be Involved)
Adam Katz, MD
6:00─6:30 PM Reception